Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A lively visit and wonderful thank you notes

On Monday, November 23, 2009, third graders from Helman Elementary School came and toured city hall. They spent time with Mayor Stromberg, toured the old jail cell in the building and heard two sentence job decriptions from many city employees. It was great fun having them visit and we hope they enjoyed their visit.

Here are just a handful of the wonderful thank you notes we received from the students:

Dear Mayor
Thank you for taking time to show us around the City Hall. Thanks for taking us in the Jail. You have a lot of humor. is it fun to be the Mayor? I liked learning about Ashland. I am glad we have people to help with the sewer and the electricity and water. You are a great mayor
Sincerely, Habib

Dear Mayor Stromberg,
Thank you for taking time off from your work to spend time with us. It was really nice of you. My favorite thing we did was going into the jail. I also really liked meeting the other people and finding out what there Job's are. I'm really glade we came.
Sincerely, Quinn

Dear Mayor Stromberg,
Thank you for giving up your time so we can come and visit you! I liked all the thing's that we did. you have a great sense of humor and I hope we can come back some time. I liked going in the old jail the best! you are a good helper for the envioroment and a good friend to us. your new friend Gabriel

Dear Mayor Stromberg,
Thank you for having the time for us to come. Thank you also for introducing us to the other People. On the way there we went to Alex's & had hot coco it was good! There was people taking pic's of are class & some made on the new's paper! But I was tired so I diden't have much fun. It was fun going in the jail but now I feel giltty. The jail door looked really real. I loved visting you it was cool.
Thanks again!
Sincerely Hope,

Dear Mayor Stromberg,
Thank you for letting us come to city hall and Thankyou for letting us meet your friends. It was an awesome field trip! I had a really fun time at City Hall. When we went to jail it was so stinky I could have died after a day. I thought your office would be a lot bigger. But I was wrong. It's tiny. I couldn't beleve we set a world record for being the biggest class in your office. I had an awesome time. I hope we can visit again.
Sincerely, Kate

Dear Mayor Stromberg,
Thank you so much for letting us come to the city Hall. I thought going to jail with a mayor was pretty silly! I sure hope that our class will get in the guinness world record book for being the most third graders in a mayors office!

Dear Mayor Stromberg
Thank you for spending time with us. My favorite thing was the jail. How long has it been there?, I also liked the walk around and asking people for two sentences about their job. I can't believe 28 kids fit in your office.
Sincerely Connor

Thank you to all the students for visiting us in City Hall!