Thursday, December 22, 2011

One Minute Minutes from December 19 and 20

Study Session of December 19, 2011
The Study Session was cancelled.

City Council Meeting of December 20, 2011

Executive Session
Council met in an executive session to discuss real property transaction pursuant to ORS 192.660 (2)(e)

Regular Meeting

VII. Consent Agenda
Consent items were approved including:
1. Approval of the minutes for the Conservation Commission Meetings of Oct 26 and Nov 19.
2. Council is asked to approve a Liquor License Application from Emil McMillan Jr., dba McMillan’s Hong Kong Bar at 23 North Main Street. The applicant complies with all City rules and regulations.
3. Council is asked to approve the Mayor’s appointment of Tobin Fisher to the Historic Commission with a term to expire April 30, 2014.
4. Council is asked to approve the Mayor’s appointment of Richard Kaplan to the Planning Commission with a term to expire April 30, 2015.
5. Council is asked to approve a Sole Source Procurement for the acquisition of Itron electric meters. The City of Ashland uses Itron meter reading equipment and software, which requires a readable Itron electric meter. The Council approved a Sole Source Procurement for Itron meters on March 17, 2009 for a term of three years. This approval is due to expire on December 31, 2011. We continue to use these meters, equipment and software.

X. Unfinished Business
1. Recology Rate Increase.
Council approved a Resolution authorizing an interim rate increase of 7.5% increase and a 20% increase to the current discount for customers with commercial bin service for high volume/high frequency services for calendar year 2012. The interim increases accounts for an 11.2% increases in revenue for Recology.

The City will review current services and discounts provided by Recology; propose franchise agreement revisions to reflect a formula for rate increases hereafter and current best practices for solid waste collection; and, seek a mutual agreement with Recology on a subsequent rate increase and on priorities for solid waste collection services.

2. Pedestrian Overlay Ordinance.
Council reviewed sections of the Pedestrian Overlay that apply throughout the City, and those that apply in the Pedestrian Overlay and Detail Site Review Zone and those that apply exclusively to the Pedestrian Overlay. The Council to again review the Pedestrian Overlay Ordinance particularly focusing on those sections, which are city-wide regulations.

3. EV Charging Station.
Council approved the Charging Site Host Agreement with ECOtality North America to participate in a pilot project for the installation and use of EV Charging units in two city-owned parking lots.

XI. New and Miscellaneous Business
1. City Investment Policy.
Council reviewed and approved the City Investment Policy.

2. Appointments to Budget Committee.
Council approved the Mayor’s appointments to the City Budget Committee.

XII. Ordinances, Resolutions and Contracts
1. Second Reading to Reduce Members of the Planning and Housing Commissions.
Council approved second reading of an Ordinance which amends AMC Chapter 2.12 and Chapter 2.19 Reducing the Number of Established Members on the Planning Commission and Housing Commission.

XIII. Other Business From Council Members/Reports From Council Liaisons
1. Wildlife Issues.
Council requested that this item be placed on a future Study Session.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Continuation of Community Forum

Dear Ashland Citizens,

On November 29, the Ashland Police hosted a community forum at the Ashland High School and provided an update on the investigation into the murder of David Michael Grubbs.

At that meeting I invited citizens to contact me with suggestions on how we can look out for each other during these difficult times.

Some of the suggestions I’ve received including placing lights on the bike path, installing a memorial bench and opportunities for the public to contribute to the reward.

If you have more ideas, please feel free to call me at 541-552-2104 and leave a voice mail message for me.

Below is a list of suggestions I have received. This list will continue to be added to as new suggestions are submitted.

Stay safe and I look forward to hearing from you.


John Stromberg, Mayor

How can we look out for one another?
- Lights on the bike path
- Memorial bench on pike path
- Public contributions to reward fund
- Remove Parks & Recreation maintenance shed at parking lot entrance to bike path
- Conduct a security evaluation by the Ashland Police Deparment of the bike path - inform community of risky areas
- Hold a Community Safety Seminar
- Encourage Neighborhood meetings/block parties
- Promote the VIPS program (Volunteers in Police Service)
- Alter Transportation Commission's mission to include community safety and security
- Hold a Take Back the Night style event on the bike path

Thursday, December 8, 2011

One Minute Minutes December 5 and 6

December 5, 2011 Study Session
Council reviewed a request for a 23.3% rate increases for solid waste collection.

December 6, 2011 Regular Meeting

Mayor’s Announcements
• Police Chief Terry Holderness provided an update on the Grubbs investigation. Police have spoke with more than 300 people and have followed up on more than 600 leads. Holderness reminded the audience that people may contribute to the reward money by sending a check to:
Crimestoppers of Southern Oregon
Medford Police Department
c/o Ruth Cox TIU-Crimestoppers
411 W 8th Street
Medford, OR 97520

• The Mayor will discuss the Water Master Plan on Town Hall on RVTV, Wednesday evening, December 7 at 6:00 p.m.

VII. Consent Agenda
Consent items were approved including:
1. Minutes of the Boards, Commissions and Committees
2. An agreement with Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad Inc. (CORP) authorizing construction of crossing improvements at the Hersey/Laurel rail crossing.
3. A special procurement contract with GE Water and Process Technologies for the purchase of new wastewater membrane filters in the amount of $480,203.

Council requested the item regarding the installation and use of Electric Vehicle Charging units, be placed on a future agenda to allow for public input.
Council removed the item regarding legal representation of the City by David Lohman on matters related to Mt. Ashland.

VIII. Public Hearing on Recology Rates
Council directed staff to develop a resolution to reflect an interim rate increase on solid waste disposal to reflect 7.5% for all customers and a 20% increase to commercial customers. Council agreed to further study on rate increases and consider revisions to the current franchise agreement after the holiday.

VII. Public Forum
A petition with more than 1700 signatures was presented to Council requesting lights be placed on the Central Ashland Bikepath. Preliminary costs to install lights, both standard and solar were also presented to Council. City Administrator, Larry Patterson reported the City had begun gathering cost estimates for lights and will bring the information forward to Council at a future study session. The City will also look into the installation of a memorial bench.

X.1. Wireless Communications Facilities
Council moved this issue to a future work session, which is currently scheduled for March 19th, to reconsider wireless communication issues.

XI.1. Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)
Council approved the CAFT report as recommended by the Audit Committee.

XIII.1. Planning and Housing Commission Membership
Council approved first reading of an ordinance amending the membership of the Planning Commission and the Housing Commission for its present 9 members to 7 members.

XIII. Other Business from Council
Councilor Voisin reported the Conservation Commission has a retreat and will bring information to the Council at a future date.

At the request of Councilor Silbiger, Council directed staff to prepare a list of changes in the Pedestrian Places Overlay that affect areas of the community not included in the overlay for Council review at the next meeting.