Thursday, July 15, 2010

Emergency Management Team

The City of Ashland and Ashland Fire and Rescue are looking for residents with previous public safety or emergency management experience to help the City prepare for events and emergencies. During large scale emergencies or planned events, the City needs a substantial number of people who are trained in incident management. Recent events and training exercises have revealed that the City needs more people to fill critical positions and adjutants for these positions.

We are looking for residents who will be willing to volunteer to receive training for positions in the City’s emergency management team. People who have previous experience with a police or fire department, a public works department, a wildfire agency (such as the Forest Service, BLM, or Oregon Department of Forestry), or the National Guard, reserves, or military have very desirable experience. Additionally, people trained in the National Incident Management System (NIMS) or the Incident Command System (ICS) would be especially valuable. If you have an emergency management background and would like to volunteer to help the community, please contact Kimberley Summers at Ashland Fire and Rescue, at 541-482-2770.

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