Friday, October 15, 2010

Fire and Rescue happenings

A few interesting things have been happening over at Ashland Fire and Rescue:

Fire Hydrant Marking
You may have noticed some new markings on a few Ashland city streets. If you look closely, these markings are the silhouette of a blue fire hydrant on a white reflective background. The City of Ashland Street Department and Ashland Fire and Rescue are placing these markings down at certain locations on a trial basis.

The City currently doesn't have a hydrant marking program such as the blue reflective "dots" that are common in many communities. Typically, these marking systems help the firefighters locate a fire hydrant while responding to a fire. Vegetation growth, illegally parked vehicles, and other factors can make locating fire hydrants in an emergency a difficult task. To complicate matters more, if the traditional blue reflective dots are used in areas that receive snow, such as Ashland, they must be placed in a small trough that has been ground down several inches into the surface of the street. This prevents the snow plow from scrapping the blue dots off the street surface as it passes. However, because this new trial product is made of the same material as the striping on the street there is no need to grind the street (saving us time and money.)

These new hydrant markers are placed immediately adjacent to a fire hydrant. We'll be trying this system over the winter and comparing it with the cost and durability of the blue reflective dots.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month
You might also have noticed our Ashland Fire and Rescue personnel wearing particularly snazzy pink shirts. They are doing this because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Thanks to Fire and Rescue personnel for bringing attention to this important cause. I think they look great.

Hope you all have a very wonderful, crisp Fall weekend.

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