Friday, May 6, 2011

One Minute Minutes from May 3

Mayor’s Announcement
The Mayor acknowledged the passing of Don Makin and his many contributions to the community.

Special Presentations
The Ragland Award was presented in memoriam to Steve Hauck.

Consent Agenda.
Consent items were approved including:
1. Minutes of the Boards, Commissions and Committees
2. A four month extension to the RVTD/City of Ashland Reduced Fare Program Agreement
3. The Quarterly Financial Report At the request of Councilor Slattery, future Quarterly Financial Reports will be placed on the discussion portion of the agenda.
4. A Liquor License Application from Peter Bolton dba “The Playwright” at 258 A Street, #3
5. The Ambulance Operator’s License renewal for Ashland Fire and Rescue
6. A Quick Response Project grant application for the Transportation and Growth Management Program to fund preparation of a redevelopment plan for the area southwest of the intersection of Ashland Street and Tolman Creek Road
7. A request from the Parks Department to submit a grant application to Oregon State Parks for a playgrounds equipment upgrade in Lithia Park in 2011 and a two-year approval to allow Parks staff to apply for a 2012 grant if 2011 grant funds are not secured.

This item was deferred to the next meeting
8. A proposal and award of a contract for architectural services to Straus & Seibert Architects in an amount not to exceed $94,020 for architectural services related to remodeling of the Grove to serve as a police station.

VIII. 1. Public Hearing on two requests for fee waivers for Oak Knoll homeowners.
Council approved waiving the land use application fee for a variance for fence height to allow homeowners to build an 8-foot tall fence.

Council approved waiving the Community Development and Engineering Fees for Oak Knoll homeowners actively rebuilding their properties.

VIII. 2. Public Hearing on two requests for supplemental budget for Water Fund.
This item was deferred to the next regular Council meeting.

VIII. 3. Public Hearing – REOPENING – 85 Winburn Way.
Council re-opened the public hearing to allow testimony related to the issue of a parking in-lieu fee and allowed uses. This item was continued to a special meeting at 4:00 on Wednesday, May 4, 2011. Council made an oral decision to approve the application and development agreement as recommended by the Planning Commission, with the following changes:
• No residential uses allowed
• No medical office uses allowed
• Imposing a $250,000 in lieu of fee for downtown parking development
• Affirming inclusion of the ice rink property
• Affirming the proposed timeline for construction.
The development agreement, ordinance, and findings will return at a future meeting.

XII.1. Ordinance annexing the Caldera Property and Removing it from Fire District #5.
Council approved second reading of the ordinance.

XIII. Resolution Supporting Senior Tax Deferral Program
On May 4, Council authorized the Mayor to send a letter of support for continuation of the Senior Tax Deferral program.

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