Thursday, August 18, 2011

One Minute Minutes August 15 and 16

August 15, 2011 Study Session
Electronic Packets. City Recorder Barbara Christensen discussed the transition from paper packets to electronic packets. Issues related to the PC Notebooks and ipads were discussed.

Electric Rates. Council and staff discussed the current status of the Electric Fund. Council directed the staff to schedule a public hearing to consider a 4% across-the-board increase in Electric Rates for the second meeting in September.

August 16, 2011 Regular Meeting

Consent Agenda. Council approved:
· The minutes of various boards and commissions
· The 3rd year of a contract with the Ashland Police Association.
· A 3 year contract with the Laborer’s union.
· An increase in the contract for construction of the Laurel Street Sidewalk Project
· A resolution authorizing the Finance Director to sell the G.O. Bonds for Fire Station #2.
· A contract with Springbrook software to replace the City’s utility billing software.
· Continued work on a TGM grant from the State of Oregon on a master plan for the Normal Avenue neighborhood
· An engineering contract to conduct work required by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for Hosler Dam.
· Discontinuation of Route #15 starting on September 5, 2011.
· A $10,000n increase in a contract for powder coating the downtown light poles.
· A contract with James McNamara to act as project manager for construction of Fire Station #2.
· A contract with Batzer construction to remove and repair 142 feet of the multi-use path near the West Bellevue Phase II subdivision.
· A contract with Pacific Power Products to repair a fire engine.

VIII.1. Agreement on SUP with Mount Ashland Association. Council took public testimony on an agreement that would dissolve the existing lease agreement, replace the lease with new terms, convey the property currently owned by the City to MAA, and require the City to relinquish the Special Use Permit for the Ski Area so that MAA can directly obtain the SUP. The public hearing was not completed on August 16, so it was continued to a Special Meeting of the City Council on August 30, 2011.

XI.1. Regional Problem Solving. Council adopted a new resolution stating the City’s request to have Jackson County address several issues in their adoption of RPS.

XI.2. Report on the 4th Quarter of Fiscal Year 2010-2011. Council accepted the report for the 4th quarter of the previous fiscal year.

XIII. Other Business from the Council. Council did not discuss either item due to lack of time.

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