Wednesday, October 5, 2011

One Minute Minutes from October 4 & 5

October 3, Study Session. At SOU in Stevenson Union Arena at 5:30 p.m.
Council met with the RVTD Board. Council and the Board discussed RVTD’s application for CMAQ funds that would allow RVTD to offer either evening or weekend service for three years. They discussed ways to increase support from other regional jurisdictions for this application. The two agencies also discussed options for passes for low income residents and for employees of Ashland-based businesses. The City’s transit subcommittee and RVTD staff will continue to explore options.

October 4, 2011 Regular Meeting

Executive Session.
Council met in Executive Session to discuss labor negotiations, property negotiations, and employment of a public official.

Special Presentations & Awards
Players of three Ashland Little League All-Star teams were introduced to the City Council. The players and their coaches were acknowledged for their accomplishments and good sportsmanship.
Councilor Chapman read a proclamation designating the week of October 9 Fire Prevention Week.
Councilor Slattery read a proclamation designating the week of October 1 Oregon Days of Culture.

Consent Agenda.
Consent items were approved including:
1. Adoption of a Resolution repealing the Resolution which establishes an AFN Advisory Board.
2. A trail easement from the Ashland Christian Fellowship Church.
3. An Intergovernmental Agreement with the City of Medford to provide building inspection services.

VIII.1. Public Hearing on Miscellaneous Fees and Charges.
Council approved a Resolution correcting, amending, and deleting section of the Miscellaneous Fees and Charges Document previously approved by Resolution 2011-26.

X.1. Finalizing Agreement with MAA.
Council reviewed the draft agreement with MAA to relinquish the SUP and convey the assets and reviewed the proposed amendments from MAA.

Council made the following changes to the proposed MAA agreement:
1) 4.a The City shall have the right annually to appoint one person to serve as a non-voting liaison to the Board of Directors of the MAA. The City’s appointee will be provided with all information provided to directors, except that any such director will not participate in personnel or legal matters.
2) 4.d The City requires MAA to hold a minimum of $700,000, adjusted for inflation, in either unencumbered assets or in cash that would available to the City should MAA fail. Council specified that this is not intended to be the same as the Restoration Sum that the Forest Service will require as part of the Special Use Permit.
3) 4.e MAA agrees that it will not proceed with any logging, earth movement, or construction activities related to the portion of the expansions identified as Phase 1 until MAA has received a combination of cash contributions, binding financial commitments, and performance bonding necessary to cover the entire cost of Phase 1. The final details of Phase 1 will be defined by permits issued by USF but can be generally described as Ski Run Settlement Sale, a chairlift with new lower intermediate and novice runs, a warming hut , additional parking spaces, the widening of several existing runs, and 23 watershed restoration projects.

In addition, the Council agreed that conveying the permit property would further the public interest and approved the Agreement with the modifications listed above.

X.2. Biennial Budget.
This item was postponed to the next regular meeting due to time constraints.

XI.1. Ad Hoc Homelessness Steering Committee.
Council heard the presentation from the committee and public input on the work of the committee. Due to time constraints, Council deliberation and action on the committee recommendations will occur at the next regular meeting.

XII.1. Ordinance fixing Quorum Requirements.
Council approved first reading of an Ordinance Amending Meeting Quorum Requirements for City Boards and Commissions.

XIII. Other Business from the Council.
Due to time constraints, the report from Council members who attended the League of Oregon Cities Conference was postponed to a future meeting.

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