Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November 14 and 15 One Minute Minutes

November 14, 2011 Study Session
1. Design and Funding of the Police Station.
Dave Straus of Straus and Seibert Architects explained the remodel and expansion of the existing police station and the Public Safety Bond Committee made their recommendation to move forward with Phase 1 of the plan and to use existing resources to pay for the project.

2. City Administrator Recruitment Process.
The City Council discussed the selection criteria to use to evaluate and screen candidates for the City Administrator position. Council also discussed the selection process.

November 15, 2011 Regular Meeting
IV. Mayor’s Announcements
• The Mayor invited the public to submit their comments on the selection criteria for a new City Administrator to

• Councilor Slattery spoke of Dave Fortmiller, a resident of Ashland since 1935 and his many contributions to the community. The Mayor called for a moment of silence in recognition of Fortmiller.

VI. Special Presentation and Awards
Staff liaison to the Tree Commission, Michael PiƱa announced the Redwood tree at 65 Granite as the 2011 Tree of the Year with the large Magnolia in front of the McCall House as the runner up.

VII. Consent Agenda.
Consent items were approved including:
1. Minutes of the Boards, Commissions and Committees
2. The Mayor’s appointment of Mark Weir to the Conservation Commission.
3. The Mayor’s appointment of Brett Ainsworth to the Housing Commission.
4. The Council approved a letter of support for Sky Research and their grant application for Connect Oregon IV in order to build a hangar at the Ashland Municipal Airport.
5. The award of an $184,890 contract to Smith Sheet Metal for the replacement of the Service Center roof.
6. The award of a public contract for Municipal Audit Services.
7. The City entered into an Intergovernmental Agreement with the Oregon Department of Transportation providing the use of the City’s front end loader to load cinders in exchange for ODOT providing the cinders
8. Council approved a letter of support for the Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad (CORP) for connect Oregon IV grant application for rail runnel enhancement.

VIII Public Hearing
The Council held a Public Hearing on a revised ordinance for development standards for location of Wireless Communication Facilities and directed staff to remove requirements for the preference of co-locating wireless communication facilities if there is no visual or aesthetic impact and leave the rest of the ordinance the same.

XI.1 Recommendation of the Public Safety Bond Committee (PSBC) on Police Station
Council accepted the recommendation of the PSBC to expand and improve the existing police station using existing resource to fund the project. Council approved the use of forfeiture monies and CIP monies to pay for the project.

XI.2 Transit and RVTD Update
Council approved extending the current transit reduced fare agreement with RVTD and continuing the $10,000 low income transit pass program to June 30, 2012. Councilors Chapman and Lemhouse will serve on the transit sub-committee.

XII.1 Second Reading of Ordinance regarding Buildable Lands Inventory
Council approved second reading of An Ordinance Amending the City of Ashland Comprehensive Plan to Adopt the Buildable Lands Inventory as Supporting Documentation to the City of Ashland Comprehensive Plan.

XII.2 Second reading of an ordinance amending the Zoning Map and Ashland Land Use Ordinance to implement the recommendations of the Pedestrian Places Project
Council approved second reading on four ordinances related to the Pedestrian Places Project:
1) Ordinances Amending the Zoning Map and Ashland Land Use Ordinance for the Pedestrian Places Project
2) Ordinance Amending the City of Ashland Municipal Code Creating a New Chapter 18.56 Overlay Zones, Including the Residential Overlay and Airport Overlay
3) Ordinance Amending AMC 18,72,080 Sire Design and Use Standards Implementing the Recommendations of the Pedestrian Places Project
4) Ordinance Amending AMC 18,08.651, 18.12.020, 18.68.050, 18.72.030, 18.72.090, 18.88, 18.88.080, 18.92, 18.108.060 and 18.108.080 of the Ashland Municipal Code and Land Use Ordinance Implementing the Recommendations of the Pedestrian Places Project.

Council also approved Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law for Amendments to the City of Ashland Zoning Map and Land Use Ordinance Implementing the Recommendation of the Pedestrian Places Project.

XIII Other Business
Interim City Administrator Larry Patterson reported on the recent attendance of Councilors and staff at the League of Oregon Cities conference held in late September.

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