Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One Minute Minutes February 6 and 7, 2012

Study Session of February 6, 2012
FY13 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Project List, the FY 13-18 CIP Program and the FY13 Capital Equipment Plan. Council heard a from Mike Faught, City Public Works Director outlining the City’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) for FY 2013-2018 and the projects scheduled for work in FY 2013.

City Council Meeting of January 17, 2012
Council approved the following items:
1. Minutes of Boards, Commissions and Committees
2. Confirmation of Appointment of Mike Gardiner to the Transportation Commission.
3. Confirmation of Appointment of Frank Betlejewski to the Forest Lands Commission.

1. Public Hearing and Approval of Quitclaim Deed. Council approved staff recommendation to abandon the Nevada Street sewer pump station and its accompanying force main.

2. Public Hearing and Adoption of the FY 2013 CIP Project List, the Overall FY 13-18 CIP Program and the FY 13 Capital Equipment Plan. Council adopted the proposed CIP FY13-18.

1. New Policy for the City’s Annual Economic, Cultural, and Sustainability Grant Program. Council approved the following allocation of TOT funds:
a. Allocation of Funds
i. Non Tourism allocation: 80% to the general fund, 10% to City Economic Development Program, 10% to Economic, Cultural and Sustainability Grant program.
ii. Tourism allocation: 56% to the Chamber of Commerce, 10% for City Economic, Cultural and Sustainability Grant program, 3% for Public Art, 10% City Capital projects related to tourism, $110,135 to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and any remaining funds rolled into the City Capital projects related to tourism.
b. Criteria for Evaluation of Grant Submissions
i. This item is continued to the February 21 regular Council meeting to be discussed in a study session at 6:00. Discussion will center on criteria for Sustainability Grant submissions.

1. Special Event Fee for OSPRIG Council voted not to waive fees for the OSPRIG march on March 4.
2. IGA Between OMEU Association. Council approved the IGA between Oregon Electric Municipal Utilities Association (OMEU) and the City of Ashland.
3. SAFER Grant. Council approved applying for SAFER Grant to fund three firefighters for two years.
4. Funding Agreement with Oregon Department of Forestry. Council approved the funding agreement with the Oregon Department of Forestry for the purpose of fuel reduction around residential properties.
5. Economic Development Implementation Plan Quarterly Update. Council accepted the Economic Development Strategy Quarterly Report as presented.
6. Guidelines for Commission Sponsorship. Council approved the Guidelines for Commission Sponsorship as presented.
7. Quarterly Financial Report. Council approved the Quarterly Financial Report.


1. Resolution Supporting Elimination of Corporate Personhood. This item was moved to the agenda for the February 21, 2012 regular Council meeting.

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