Friday, June 3, 2011

Spring has sprung

It appears that Spring will make an appearance (perhaps brief) this weekend. It certainly should be here: High School graduation takes place in Lithia Park tonight, First Friday Artwalk is tonight, and OSF opens the previews for the shows in the Elizabethan Theater. I thought you might want a quick update on a couple of issues.

Weed Ordinance. The deadline for Ashland residents to trim tall grass and tall weeds is fast approaching (June 15). With all this rain, we will likely have a bumper crop. In case you are asked, the City’s ordinance can be found here. The maximum height for weeds in Ashland is four inches.

Background Documents. In addition to the information that staff posted on this blog last week, I thought you’d be interested in a link to the Facilities Master Plan and to the Public Safety Bond Committee report . There is obviously a lot of citizen energy around this issue, and I’ll be working with Parks & Recreation, Public Works, and Police to involve the public and to help the Council and Parks & Recreation Department work on whatever decision is ultimately made about the Grove.

Legislative Session. As the Oregon Legislature winds up its current session, there is a lot of interesting activity. Check here for the League of Oregon Cities latest bulletin.

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