Wednesday, June 29, 2011

One Minute Minutes June 28th Special Meeting

Special Presentation & Awards
A Proclamation was read declaring July 15, 2011 as Oregon Child Coalition Day.
The Mayor called for a moment of silence for Ric Sayre.

Consent Agenda.
Consent items were approved including:
1. Minutes of the Boards, Commissions and Committees
2. An Intergovernmental Agreement with Emergency Communications of Southern Oregon to provide emergency dispatch services to Ashland.
3. “A Resolution Transferring Appropriations Within the 2010-2011 Budget” to remain compliant with Oregon Budget Law
4. The collection agreement between the City of Ashland and the United States Forest Service to provide a watershed patrol during the summer fire season

VI.1 Public Hearing Request for Noise Variance
Council approved a request for a noise variance for the use of amplified sound resulting from OSF performances in Lithia Park.

VII.1. License for Oregon Shakespeare Festival Performances in Lithia Park
Council approved the issuance of the license to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

VII.2. Resolution Allocating FY 2011-12 for Economic Development Program Funds
Council approved the Resolution Allocating Economic Development Program Funds with the provision that that no remaining funds be spent without Council approval.

VII.2. Contracts with Ashland Chamber of Commerce
Council approved the contract with the Chamber of Commerce for Visitor and Convention Bureau services for FY 2011-12 in the amount of $293,160.

Council approved the supplemental contract with the Chamber of Commerce for developing and completing a business retention and expansion survey consistent with the draft Economic Development Strategy in the amount of $25,000. Councilors will forward suggestions about the survey to Martha Bennett who will forward to the Chamber.

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