Wednesday, January 4, 2012

One Minute Minutes January 3, 2011

Study Session of January 2, 2012
The Study Session was cancelled.

City Council Meeting of January 3, 2012

Executive Session
The City Council met in an executive session at 6:30 p.m. to discuss employment of a public officer or employee pursuant to ORS 192.660 (2)(a)

Regular Meeting
State of the City
Mayor Stromberg presented his annual State of the City address.

VIII. Special Presentation and Awards
1. Annual Christmas Tree Recycle Day. January 7, 2012 was proclaimed as Christmas Tree recycle day. This is a joint effort by Troop 112 of the Boys Scouts of America along with the Ashland Parks Department, Ashland Host Lions and the Early Bird Lions.

2. 72 Hour Emergency Response Kits. Chief Karns explained the City’s 72 hour emergency response kits.

IX. Consent Agenda
1. Council approved the Award of Sole Source Procurement for Northwest Mail Services.

XII. Unfinished Business
1. Use of Grove to Provide Showers for Homeless.
Council did not approve the recommendation of the ad hoc Homeless Steering Committee to offer showers at the Grove for homeless males. Council expressed concern about how the program was to be managed and could not approve the concept until they know the details of how it would be overseen. Council was not opposed to the concept and encouraged the committee to find a non-profit partner to manage the program.

XIII. New and Miscellaneous Business
1. Hardey Engineering, Inc. Contract Amendment.
Council approved a $4,000 amendment to the existing contract with Hardey Engineering, Inc. for the design of the Ashland Creek Sewer Rehabilitation Project.

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